Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And then my head exploded

Lawmakers in this great state voted yesterday to deny homosexual individuals protection against discrimination in the workplace regarding their sexual orientation.

Right now, in Utah, you can be fired for being gay. Not just that, but you can also be fired for APPEARING gay.

Because that's how we roll in this state. So bigoted and biased that we would rather treat human beings like second class citizens based on ONE factor of their personhood, rather than confront our fears and biases. That's totally what God would want though. You know. Because HE hates those gays. Oh wait.... But that's right, God DOESN'T hate the gays- last time I checked, in fact, He was giving out orders to love everyone. But dammit all, it's gotta be tough love. God may love those gay people, but He sure as HECK doesn't love their perverse fornicating ways! So the best way to "love" them is to completely deny them any and all basic civil and human rights. Hopefully that will convince them to repent and return to normalcy. It's all about LOVE!

I want to bash my head against a wall.

Dear Utahns,

You cannot hate people for their own good.



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