Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What is up?

A year ago, my car stereo gave out. Blew a gasket and died, effectively removing me from any and all live radio for the past year. I made the best of the situation- listened to my iPod, downloaded lectures to listen to on the drive to work (my mind engaged is much less prone to road rage- yay rhymes!), etc. It wasn't SO bad, but I missed the good old days where I could unabashedly listen to the latest horrible bubble-gum pop and oldies in the privacy of my little tin can. And NPR. God, I missed NPR. I know that makes me a true blue liberal white person. And I can't help it.

The parents bought me a new car stereo this past Christmas (thank you thank you thank you) and I've immediately reverted back to my old habits....listening to KOZY 106.5 and NPR and 90.9 and the occasional ridiculous Beyonce "Put a Ring on It." It's been a lovely lapse in music pretentiousness. Fuck taste!- give me LOVE SONGS AFTER DARK!

Anyway, so when I was growing up, all the kids used to listen to X96. The source for all things "alternative." And, you know, I still have a real affection for the station. It brings me back to the old days of tooling around in Lauri's old station wagon, of waterballoon stakeouts, of childhood and youth. It's still one of my "favorites" buttons.

My year-long absence from the radio may account for this next question: Where are all the ladies in the "alternative" music genre? And why are they not getting radio time?

I love women musicians. Most of my favorite artists are women. There's gotta be a ton of them in the alternative young-hipster-toocoolforschool-generation of upandcomings. WHY are they not getting play? It bothers me.

That's all. If you need me, I'll be over listening to Delilah and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.


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thepworth said...

You can get free NPR podcasts! My favorites are This American Life and Science Friday.